Welcome to the official site of Theta Gamma Fraternity

Founded in 1912, and still going strong. Our 109 years in existence proves the strength of the bonds found within our organization. Our fraternity has active chapters in Canton, New York; Alfred, New York; Delhi, New York; and Plattsburgh, New York.



Thank you for visiting the official website for Theta Gamma Fraternity. The goal of this website is to serve as a valuable resource for ΘΓ actives and alumni, showcase our dedication in living up to the standards set by our founders, and to promote our mission & vision to potential brothers of our fraternity.

***Website Update (March 2022): Chapter visit report uploaded onto the site. See link above. Coming soon: 2022 GCC Minutes, The 2021-2022 Bulletin of Theta Gamma, and an updated Constitution & Bylaws of Theta Gamma.