Mission & Vision


Theta Gamma’s mission personifies the expression of shared values and ideals amongst a diversified group of young men as contained in the Theta Gamma rituals of Initiation, Supreme Law and Fraternal policy as established by Theta Gamma’s By-Laws and Constitution.

Our Fraternity shall encourage the premise of shared values and ideals by following those endeavors in Theta Gamma’s active membership and Alumni by instilling and carrying forth the historical traditions of our pledging process and membership which have been collectively acquired by Theta Gamma’s Chapters:

  • The pursuit of Brotherhood through scholarship, leadership, service and social experiences;
  • Providing a working knowledge of the Chapter rules, traditions and by-laws;
  • Promoting and teaching a continuous feeling of fellowship and camaraderie to pledges and its members;
  • Conveying a knowledge of the Chapter’s history and experience;
  • Instilling a respect for the Chapter members, Alumni and the physical property of the Chapter-house(s);
  • Striving to instill in each member and pledge, a feeling of pride in himself and his Fraternity;
  • Training members for future positions of leadership and responsibility within the Chapter;
  • Ensuring that each pledge realizes and fulfills his place within the college’s academic community;
  • The achievement of personal and collective excellence in each member in and for our Fraternity;
  • A lifelong bond of the members’ Brotherhood which can (if so decided by each individual member) greatly enhance social, service and familial relationships in the years to follow.


Expanding Theta Gamma ideals through its uncompromising passion to maintain the lofty standards which teaches all members the true meaning of Brotherhood.

As our active members and alumni begin this lifelong journey of Brotherhood, Theta Gamma will foster the development as a social/service Fraternity by living by a standard instilling scholarship, service values and leadership pertaining to personal and social development. From these resources, pledges and active members will experience an expansion of social networks, career development and life planning.

Theta Gamma will kindle Alumni involvement by providing avenues for direct interaction with collegians as the active members recruit and assist pledges in personal development. This interaction will give both students and alumni a better understanding of the journey through Theta Gamma.