Pledge Program Goals

  • Instilling a sense of responsibility and commitment in each member.
  • Providing a working knowledge of the Chapter rules, traditions and by-laws.
  • Promoting a feeling of fellowship, camaraderie, and a special closeness between the members.
  • Giving an understanding of the fraternity as a whole, its purposes, history, benefits and potential.
  • Conveying a knowledge of the Chapter’s history and experience.
  • Instilling a respect for the Chapter members, Alumni and the physical property of the Chapter-house itself.
  • Ensuring that each pledge feels a sense of pride in himself and in the Fraternity.
  • Training the pledges for future positions of leadership and responsibility within the Chapter.
  • Ensuring that each pledge realizes and fulfills his place within the college’s academic community.
  • Reinforcing and confirming certain standards and ideals espoused by the Fraternity and its members.